Hidden Histories of a Nature Walk

One wouldn't think of a  suburb of New York City, as having an country look or feel to it. The parks and preserves of Long Island are a treasure for all to enjoy. A few wise groups have fought the developers and government to preserve vestiges of the past for the future generations to learn from.

The old Long Island was once home to many estates of millionaires, especially on the coastal shores.
As time went, the masses from the cities moved out to the rural countryside of the island and may have worked for one of these estates.  This was once the Southside Sportsmen Club
Here is a video to explain.


Westlbrook lake looking north to the highway.

I have hiked and photographed Connetquot State Park in the autumn  but this time the park was more colorful before summer.

I grew up in this area and knew this to be a dairy farm. I'm glad it wasn't developed.

The group I traveled with started out in the Westbrook lake south of sunrise highway.

We came upon high grasses, large growth trees and wonderful lake views.This tree was so wide I couldn't capture all of it.

We walked along a dirt path that brought us to a catwalk under the highway and into the park on the north side.

A stop along the lake once inside the park. This was a great fishing location.

A nice, shady spot to rest along the way. Someone made some benches for the weary.

An old  lodge building overlooking one part of the lake inside the park.

And horse riders are welcome here. there is no stable so you must trailer your horse or ride them in from one of the side entrances if you live around the park.
No bikes are allowed so far.
horses are welcome

The fish hatchery is a vital part of this park and welcomes many anglers.

 I took a last shot of the lodge and mill house across the lake with the swans diving for food before leaving. I think this is a great oasis in a crowded suburbia  that we live in today. 
If you would like to help preserve this beautiful park, then join the Friends of Connetquot soon. www.friendsofconnetquot.org/

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