Snowmaggeden 2016

Ok, by now everyone has heard of the big blizzard that hit the Northeast in January of 2016. This was first predicted to be a round 8 inches with a little wind. Well that didn't happen and of course, so we all have something to talk about. I snapped some photos around the neighborhood since the snow had caused cancellations of any hikes I planned.
I always try to see the positive side of any event that is overwhelmingly seem as negative.
There is so much beauty and tranquility in the huge blanket of white that covers the landscape.
We get a chance to see common objects in a different light. They become more noticeable with 6 inches of snow on top. The poor birds couldn't clean themselves in the birdbath and I could get to it .
The snow was too high for the snow blower and my shovels buckled under the weight.
Yep, this was one for the record books and I don' want to have another one this year.

 I watch several squirrels digging frantically under the snow, trying to locate their acorns. The day before they were frolicking around,chasing each other up and down the trees.
 The path out the back door was cut through the snow that I shoveled three times and couldn't keep up with.
It is melting very fast every day and soon will be a distant memory--until the next one.