Colditz Cove State Natural Area -A Small Park with Lots of Appeal

Northrup Falls is located in Colditz Cove State Natural Area in Allardt TN. by driving hwy 127 north or south.
Day-trippers can find it on 
old hwy 52 and follow the signs off the hwy to county road 1636. It is just before the historic own of Rugby, traveling east.

This is an unassuming wooded park that would easily be missed if you didn't pay attention.
Walking down the leaf covered path to the wonderful waterfall is an easy hike but be sure to take along your camera. The scenery is beautiful.

The Northrup waterfall is not only the best part; walking beyond it will treat hikers and photographers to interesting features.

If you like to see natural paths, rock formations, caves, pine trees, flowering shrubs and animals, then this is worth the trip.

This one cave overhang that can make some feel very small. There are large, jagged rocks and boulders on the ground that you may have to navigate over.

I'm always looking up for something to drop; maybe I'm a little paranoid that way.

A typical stone walkway over a small stream is a challenge when wet. Keep your camera in a padded bag and use your walking stick to keep your balance.
So go for just the waterfall or explore the park for a few hours. Its a fun way to spend the day and get some exercise.