Giants in the Woods

If you go hiking much, there are times you'd swear someone was watching.
Yes, there are sounds and unexplained noises ,but sometimes your eyes can play tricks on you.
We were walking along a train near the Blue Heron Mining camp near Stearns KY. 
You can drive down to it or take the train from the depot.

We drove to the Mining Camp and walked across the foot bridge into the woods.
There are nice wooden foot bridges and paths all maintained by the Sheltowee Trail club.
I crossed the bridge and looked up and though the mossy group of rocks and boulder was staring at me!
Yeah, sometimes fatigue can get the better of me,but I snapped the photo and was amused by what I saw.

I see a green giant glaring at me from a sitting position and know others have too from their comments on my other sites.
How many times have any of us  had this experience and didn't tell anyone?
Now look and tell me what what you see.

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