Summer Was Lively

Summer is known for being the liveliest season of the year for me. At least that's true for the northeast. This is the season that every living creature and human tries to do as much as they possibly can in the short 3-4 months of sun and heat.

After sitting in the house this past winter and spring, most of us shoved as many activities into the weekends as we could.
The animals and insects were no exception. For some reason, the inch worms, caterpillars, ticks, and mosquitoes were in over abundant supply!  We dared not venture out in the morning or evening hours or we would suffer the consequences of the hungry, blood suckers.

I had so many welts on my legs and arms this summer!  They say it was due to the massive amount of snow.
I have always enjoyed studying insects, birds, and most other animals.  I was lucky to capture this tiny pray mantis waiting on a flower stem near a small pond. He or she seemed to be watching me but sat very still. This tiny creature was probably a baby since it measured  only a few inches. This turned out to be a good thing since my love of photography fit right in to this activity well.

I managed to capture some interesting images of  a few creatures and even had them printed on a few items for keepsakes. An example is the Dragonfly ceramic tile I had printed with my photo. I had to wait over a few hours and take many shots before I captured this little fellow.

Now that summer is coming to a close, we can remember all the sights and sounds with some mementos.I had this printed on a ceramic tile and created text. Using your photos makes a personal gift.

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